Circling almost 3,000km of German countryside, the group visited hometowns of 26 German immigrants to America
Each day was an new adventure. From experiencing the tastes of "wild boar" to schnitzel…from a grand palace to castles…from cathedrals to village churches…from Hans and Karin's backyard coffee break to a medieval feast at Allstedt Schloss…from a luxurious tourcoach to a cruise on the Rhine River…the group experienced Germany at its grandest…with family!

This group of 32 cuzzins…descended from five different German Allstadt/Altstadt Clans… made the trek from Dulles/Washington D.C. to Frankfurt for an eye opening look at the hometowns of their various ancestors. And, at four separate banquets, met almost 60 of their German cousins

The tour route covered 6 German States
Allstadt/Altstadt Clans 2003 Germany Tour - September 13 - 25
Above: At Allstedt Castle for a medieval banquet, below: Mass at the church in Grossenbach and coffee at the Altstadts in Fraurombach
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