Over 200 Altstadt Clan members descended from five immigrants treked westward to Pendleton, Oregon, and the 3rd National Family Reunion
John Wesley Allstott was a trail boss on the Oregon Trail back in the 1850s. He brought settlers west from Missouri. Many of the 1999 participants followed the modern Oregon Trail "Interstates" to Pendleton, Oregon, for the third national meeting of the clans. Archie and Jeanette Padberg were our hosts.

The descendants of John Wesley Allstott invited the Altstadt Clans to participate in a first class reunion on the 4th of July weekend in 1999 - with fireworks! - and celebrate the 300th birthday of their ancestor, Martin Altstatt who was born in 1699

Indian dancers in full regalia, a Martin Altstatt "bridge to the Altstatt families" 300th birthday cake and 4th of July fireworks marked some of the highlights of the 1999 Reunion.
The Allstadt/Altstadt/Altstatt Clans 1999 Reunion
Brian Alstott (in "Bucs" jersey "40") surveys Pendleton from the 21,000 sq.ft. Convention Center where the Reunion, Bar-B-Que and gab sessions were held
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