We came, we ate, we gabbed and we became
one big family.
Over 330 Altstadt clan members descended from eight immigrants attended
The families of the James Madison Alstott line, asked us to join them in their 48th Annual Reunion, which was held at the County Fairgrounds in Corydon. Our hosts were Marvin and Louise Alstott,

The descendants of John Alstott (1789) invited the clans to Corydon, Indiana, for the second National Reunion and the invitation was extended to all Altstadt Clan Families from 27 immigrants to America. This was the first meeting of this type between Altstadt lines since the 16th Century.

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Major contributors to the Alstott/ Altstadt History Book finally meet
After nine years in planning, a book on the clans of the 27 Altstadt/ Allstadt immigrants starts taking shape at the reunion site.
Family historians, Joyce Golden, Richard Tepool, Father Damian Dietlein, Mabel Dudgeon, Pat Kennedy, Judy Stubbs, Bill Alstott and Jerry Allstott meet face-to-face for the first time.
The Allstadt/Altstadt/Altstatt Clans 1994 Reunion
Phyllis Alstott Heishman shows off her 1994 Reunion Cake - all the participants enjoyed this fancy dessert.