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A potluck picnic was enjoyed at the old John Allstadt Plantation Home…
Site of the first day of the reunion was at the home of John Hall Allstadt, one of the hostages of John Brown during his raid on the Harpers Ferry Armory in 1859. A tour of Harpers Ferry followed.
180 Descendants of Martin and Judith Altstatt attended the Reunion
The reunion celebrated the 260th anniversary of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and disembarkation of this family in 1729, at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Participants in the festivities came from Maine to Mexico. Our hosts were Dr. and Mrs. James Gibson and Mrs. Florence Moore.

The first reunion of the descendants of Johann Martin Altstatt since the 18th century was held on August 20-21, 1989, just outside Harpers Ferry, WVA, on Saturday, August 20 and east of Reading, PA, in the Knabb Cemetery on Sunday, August 21

…then onto a remembrance service in Berks Co., PA
85 family members joined in a caravan up to the Knabb Cemetery, just east of Reading, PA on day two of the event.
"Here lies the deceased Anna Judith Altstatt" (1703 - 1766) wife of Martin Altstatt
The Allstadt/Altstadt/Altstatt Clans 1989 Reunion
After the service, a plaque honoring the 260th anniversary was placed on Judith Altstatt's grave and the cemetery wall was rebuilt.